01 Feb 2013
February 1, 2013

July 2008 Newsletter

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Commercial Fishing has been trading as Seamaster Fishing Supplies for 12 months now, in our new warehouse at 31 Belair Drive in Port Lincoln, South Australia. With 30 years of experience and contacts we have grown to be one of the biggest Importers of fishing gear & tackle in Australia.
We have an extensive range of commercial fishing gear & Recreational fishing tackle in our new warehouse. We also send fishing tackle direct to customers from our manufacturers, this saves the customer freight & decreases the waiting time.

Now to news on the fishing front.

Association chief executive officer of the Southern Bluefin tuna association Mr Brian Jeffries has stated that it is a possible that there will be a tuna quota increase in the next five to six years.
Aside from strict management the over catching of tuna by the Japanese appeared to have stopped, therefor improving the tuna stocks.
Prices however don’t look promising for the frozen market this year with many still waiting for confirmed prices from the buyers in Japan.
Next week will see most tuna farms in full swing harvesting, majority of tuna will go to the frozen market.

Local shark fisherman seem happy as shark are starting to show in commercial numbers.
Many are restricted by quotas so also fish for other species such as Snapper, Crabs, Whiting & Garfish.

Both the Prawn trawlers & Lobster fishermen are tied up as it is their off season.
Many do maintainence in the ready for next season.

East Coast Tuna Longline fishermen are still experiencing good catches of Big Eye tuna.
In saying that the small Yellow fin tuna are starting to show in closer, however large catches in other countries see the Japanese markets flooded with fish & result in low prices. Due to the high price of diesel & high Japanese Yen it makes for hard decisions as to send or not send. Our local markets can only take so many fish.a