01 Feb 2013
February 1, 2013

October 2008 Newsletter

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Commercial Fishing is now Trading as Seamaster Fishing Supplies. Our commercial fishing gear & recreational fishing gear range has grown so large we have not been able to have it all on our web-site.

So please contact us via e-mail comfishing@bigpond.com we will be happy to answer any questions on fishing gear that may not be on our web-site.

Here in Port Lincoln, South Australia, our Prawn Trawlers are starting their new season.

Local prawn fishermen are expected to begin on the 31st October for six nights.
The catch will determin when their next trip will be.
Prices are yet to be advertised.

Lobster fishermen in our local Northern Zone start their season on the 1st November.
The Northern Zone covers the area from the mouth of the River Murray to the Western Australian border, including Kangaroo Island.

Prices at this stage look very high compared with last season so the fishermen should be very happy, hopefully the Lobster crawl into their pots to make the most of the low exchange rate.
99% of our local catch gets shipped live to China where it is highly sought after.

Bluefin Tuna aquaculture fishermen are currently doing maintenance on their tuna rings and nets.

Later in November will see the first of the catch boats heading out to look for the first schools of tuna to be caught and brought back to be fattened up.

Commercial fishing gear is unfortunately going to be more expensive due to the currency fluctuation, unless the Australian dollar goes back up.