Corrosion X

Corrosion X is an amazing new product that utilises polar bonding to inhibit the corrosion process as well as penetrating and lubricating at the same time. Corrosion X ‘crawls’ right into joints and hard to reach places to drive out moisture and to protect, and will not dry out meaning the product is active and protecting for a long period of time. Corrosion X can be used on all metals and bearings, and will not damage plastics, rubber, neoprene, hoses or seals.

Here at Seamaster Fishing Supplies we stock the following Corrosion X products:

Corrosion X 6oz Aerosol can

Corrosion X 16oz Aerosol can

Corrosion X HD 12oz Aerosol can

Corrosion X 1 Gallon

Corrosion X HD 1 Gallon

Corrosion X 16oz Trigger Spray

ReelX 1oz Applicator Bottle

Max Wax 12oz Aerosol

Rust Converter 1 Litre

Flexible Kero Gun Spray 1 Litre capacity