Crab Hoop Nets

Targeting crabs (both sand and blue swimmers) is a popular pastime for recreational fishers here on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. We stock 2 main crab hoop nets to supply the recreational market, as follows:

800mm diameter double hoop grill base. This is the most popular hoop net we supply, with a wide diameter and solid construction. The heavier construction means the net sits flat on the seafloor and doesn’t shift in the tide, which smaller nets are prone to doing. These hoop nets are very popular with local recreational fishers, but are also quite popular with some of the local commercial fishers as well.

700mm diameter double hoop wire base. This hoop net is smaller than the model above, but offers advantages in that it can be stowed away easier, and is lighter to drop and pull (important when kids are involved in crabbing). This is also a cheaper alternative to the above.