Frost Mora Knives

Here at Seamaster Fishing Supplies we have the most extensive range of knives on display in Port Lincoln.

Our main range of knives we stock are from well-renowned Swedish manufacturer Frost Mora. We have over 40 different models of knives on display, and we can order other models on request.

Frost Mora knives are available in three grades of steel:

  • Stainless steel (S)
    Knife blades are made of hardenable stainless steel- Sandvik 12C27 (hardened to HRC 56-58), producing knives with extreme strength, long life as well as having high resistance to moisture without rusting. Stainless steel stays sharp much longer than carbon steel and is far less sensitive to rust.
  • Carbon steel (C)
    Knife blades of high carbon steel can be hardened to HRC 58-60 giving best possible sharpness to lowest price. Knives made from above mentioned steel grades will after some use achieve a dullish grey finish. However, this will not negatively affect the quality of the blade. On the contrary it will somewhat improve the resistance to corrosion. Carbon steel is easy to sharpen, but requires more maintenance when exposed to moist or corrosive environment. Keep the blade clean and dry. Common fruit acids leave for example immediately spots on the blade.
  • Laminated steel (L)
    This steel grade is unique to knives from Mora of Sweden. The core of the blade is of high carbon steel surrounded by a softer alloyed steel layer. A high hardness (HRC 58-60) can be achieved through hardening, resulting in a knife blade with superior toughness, cutting edge retention and thereby maximum sharpness and long life.The blade can also be bent into a predetermined shape.

As well as the different grades of steel, Frost Mora knives are available in a wooden handle, plastic handle, ergonomic rubber handle, and progrip handle. We send orders daily interstate and overseas so why not give us a call or email us today for a quote.