Hexcyl Oyster Baskets

Here at Seamaster Fishing Supplies we stock and distribute quality products offered from Hexcyl Systems. Hexcyl Systems offer oyster farmers and shellfish farmers a wide range of shellfish aquaculture products designed for Adjustable Longline Shellfish Farming and other tidal growing systems. Hexcyl Oyster Baskets offer unique features suitable for oyster farming, mussel farming, scallop farming and other types of marine mollusc farming. Hexcyl Oyster baskets and products are designed for a wide range of grow out options and orientations in low, moderate and high energy environments.

Hexcyl Oyster baskets have been tested and proven in local conditions, and have shown they outperform and outlast their competitors. Their durability and design will ensure maximum growth for your oysters, regardless of your growing location and conditions, with the advanced PE blend material ensuring UV deterioration will not be an issue. Available in 5 mesh sizes in 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm, there is a basket available to suit all grade sizes.


Some points to consider:

1) The range of Oyster baskets cover all sizes required for shellfish growth
2) The patented Hexcyl pivot rack offers multiple attachment positions
3) Attach along the line or attach across two line spacings from 600 mm(23.6”) to 750 mm(29.5”)
4) Access doors at both ends of the Oyster basket
5) Positive locking ‘square axle” feature of the clip when attached to pivot rack
6) Locks when located in the upright operating position
7) Locks when folded down in the storage position for space efficiency
8) Fold down clips for efficient transport of Oyster Baskets to and from Oyster farms
9) Supplied in simple to assemble pieces nested on a pallet for transport efficiency