Japanese Style Snaps

Japanese style clips are used in longlining and droplining right throughout the world.

They are available in two different styles, being U-Notch (free sliding along the mono or longline rope) and the V-Notch (grips to mono or longline rope when the correct size is used). Made of high grade stainless steel, they are available in 4 different sizes, as outlined in the table below:




60 x 2.0mm no swivel


60 x 2.0mm with BL swivel


86 x 2.0mm no swivel

86 x 2.0mm with BL swivel

100 x 2.6mm no swivel

100 x 2.6mm with BL swivel

125 x 3.5mm no swivel


125 x 3.5mm with BL swivel