Nirey Electric Knife Sharpeners

Having sharp knives is one of the most important tools in a fishos box of equipment. Having the ability to maintain and hone an edge is vital when cleaning and filleting fish, or for cutting bait while on the water. As well being a time-saving factor, sharp knives are actually safer than blunt knives. As well as manual knife sharpening aids, Seamaster Fishing Supplies also stocks electric knife sharpeners from well-known manufacturer Nirey.

We stock 2 models, the KE-198 which is aimed solely for the recreational user, while the larger KE-3000 suits both the commercial and recreational user.

Nirey KE198

Pictured above: the KE-198 Electric Knife Sharpener

How the KE-198 Electric Knife Sharpener works:

There are two spring loaded Aluminium Oxide grinding wheels (coarse and fine), which apply a controlled pressure to the blade of the knife.  The grooves in each section hold the knife at a 15º angle giving you a perfect cutting edge, which is impossible when using a steel. Angles of 15º is preferred when sharpening knives, but trying to maintain the same angle with a manual stone or steel is near impossible, especially when multiple people are sharpening the same knife. The left groove in each section sharpens the right hand side of the knife and the right groove, the left side.  The knives are sharpened in the coarse section (marked 1) and polished to a razor finish in the fine section (marked 2).


Nirey KE3000

Pictured above: the KE-3000 Electric Knife Sharpener

How the KE-3000 Electric Knife Sharpener works:

There are 2 closed-cell rubber covered wheels, each carrying endless Aluminium Oxide fine abrasive belts. The left wheel sharpens the left side of the blade and the right wheel, the right side. The cushion contact system produces a razor sharp smooth cutting edge which does not require a honing steel. During sharpening, the knife is supported at the correct angle by the central guide. Cleaning and replacement of the abrasives is simple, taking less than 1 minute. Other than this, no maintenance is required.

These electric knife sharpeners are supplied with a user-guide DVD.