Crimps(sleeves), Crimping Tools and Dies

Commercial Fishing Gear Supplies the best quality available alloy crimps and copper crimps (sleeves) .
Commercial Fishing Gear Guarantee’s quality in the full range of alloy crimps, copper crimps, black crimps, double or single crimps etc.

Crimps (sleeves) are manufactured from a special aluminum or copper that resist corrosion and are easy to crimp. And when matched with the proper line diameter produce a very strong line connection with any manufacturer’s fishing line.
They are available in either single or double styles in both aluminum or copper material and Ideal for use with monofilament, wire leader
Crimps being made from Copper are being supplied as DOUBLE SLEEVES and SINGLE SLEEVES.
They have strong corrosion resistance & used mainly on stainless steel wire.

Aluminum crimps are not recommended for stainless steel wire leaders due to the reaction between the two materials, Commercial Fishing Gear recommends copper for stainless steel wire trace.