Floats, Buoys, Fenders and Deep Sea Trawl Floats

Floats, Buoys, Boat Fenders, Deep Water Floats & Ships Fenders

Commercial Fishing Gear; supplies all your needs in a large range of fishing buoys & floats, boat fenders, ships fenders. Supplying floats, buoys and boat fenders to commercial fishing vessels, Oceanographic Research, aquaculture farms, recreational sports fishing industry ,farming, swimming lanes & cordon lines. Ranging from buoys, floats and fenders for large to small boats to lobster, crab and lobster pot buoys to fishing net and trawl floats etc.

We supply Deep Water Trawl Floats used for Oceanographic Research and for the Commercial Trawl Vessels.


Ships fenders for large vessels made of solid foam, no punctures to worry about excellent if tying up against another vessel, coming hard into a wharf or jetty, safer than an inflatable fender that can burst under pressure.

New Inflatable ribbed float (Buoy), They are specially designed for industrial fishing. They obtain a 80% less drag to the water than standard round floats. That means faster pick ups and less strain as these buoys skip along the water. The rope eye is extra heavy duty.